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Tips on playing with beige colors in your dream home

In his book "Color Vision", the Darwis Triadi, a well-known photographer, writes "The colors on a photo subject will energize and pose a certain feeling to those who see it. Color makes us able to reveal one's personality. Color can create harmony in life. With color, we can create a shady and peaceful atmosphere. With color, we can create survival and chaos. Understanding colors are very interesting and important, equally interesting and important by understanding a life that is full of color. However, keep in mind, colors are not the most important elements to produce nice, captivating photos. " (Triadi, 2014)

Similarly, in architectural work, a person's mood can be affected by the color seen by him. Each color will give a distinctive impression and be uniquely perceived. It is said that color also has a correlation with one's character, indicating its identity and existence in its environment. The colors that are around us seem to speak and affect our moods. That is why color plays an important role in the design.

Specifically, this article will give you tips on playing with beige in your dream home, character, application, and how to blend with other materials and colors.

1. Cream Color Character

Often people mistake the beige color with ivory and beige colors that are similar. All three are gradations of white color. Ivory color tends towards pink, beige tends towards brown, while beige tends to be yellow.

Beige colors present the softness and impressed classic. Soft, not flashy, creates a sense of calm and warm nuance, and easy to combine with other colors.

2. A chic blend of elegant beige color and natural elements

Shonny Archaul blends beige colors with reddish-brown from exposed bricks, ceramic tiles, and clay jars to reinforce the classic, grounded, and natural effects. The brown color of the door and the wood frame, as well as ceramic floor patterned natural scars in the Medijavanean Home at Bintaro, give a smart and elegant impression of simplicity.

3. Cream color accentuates ' point of interest '

The soft beige wall paint collaboration with parquet hardwood floors is deeply fused and features a dark brown sofa as a point of interest in the family room of Saman House at Pantai Indah Kapuk.

4. Beige color for a modern minimalist style

Modern minimalist style that is now being loved by often makes use of beige color to reinforce the impression of elegant simplicity. Beige becomes one of the favorite colors because it is easy to combine with various colors, both harmonious and contrasting colors.

5. Luxurious beige and black blend

The beige color of the Villa WRK is displayed by limestone on the walls. Reinforce the elegant impression highlighted from the hanging swing and black sofa, chime in harmony with the black natural stone on the garden wall. The elegant composition between the comfortable open-plan room with outdoor space that touches the local culture of Bali.

6. "Counterfeiting" beige color

The beige color with its accompanying warm and comfortable impression, should not be obtained from the actual beige color. White-colored elements can be ' forged ' to resemble a beige color with a lighting effect of yellow luminous light. With this trick, you can bring up two effects at once, the hygienic effects of white and the warmth of beige.

7. Partial manipulation

The creamy light-colored fluorescent looks elegantly decorated with the garden of Cilandak House, providing warmth amid the comfortable feel of the white nuance in the whole room.

8. Beige color for a romantic impression in the bedroom

Undoubtedly, the warm and comfortable impression of the beige color from the ceiling of the fluorescent, the mosquito net that overcomes the bed, plus the dim yellow light that will evoke a romantic and intimate impression on the bedroom.

Every color has its own meaning and impression. Have unique character to show identity and provide different comfort, melt and reinforce the atmosphere. Choose colors that can support, complement, and reinforce space functions.  Play with colors and create a dream home that is full of meaning and gives a profound impression to you as a family. 

Tips On Playing With Beige Colors In Your Dream Home

Are you buying or building houses and finding designs with different types of "house types"? Starting from 36 types or house type 60. Maybe you are confused or still less familiar with the different types of houses. Therefore, this time we will discuss the various types of houses that are generally in Indonesia.

The type of home type is taken based on the area of the house. Suppose for a house type 36 has an area of 36 square meters and for home Type 45 has an area of 45 square meters.

The general determining factor of the house is generally the kavling of the housing where the house was built. Every type of house program generally has special characteristics in terms of building dimensions to the needs of space, although eventually, developers will usually adapt it to the concept of housing as a whole.

Here are a few of the most common types of houses and are often made in the various housing areas in Indonesia!

House Type 21/24

Having a building area of 21 to 24 square meters, this type of house is the smallest type of house which is generally built by residential developers. House Type 21 or 24 is generally built in the kavling with a width of 3 or 4 meters with a size of 3 × 7 or 4 × 6 meters.

This type of house is a simple house and consists of only one bedroom and sometimes even has a kitchen that is located separately in the backyard. This type of house is also often a choice of investment by making it a rental house because the size and the price is cheap, the choice of renting this type of home is more chosen.

House Type 36

The next type of house can be said to be the most widely built type of home developers and also the most demanding. The house type 36 is usually constructed in kavling with a width of 6 meters with a size of 6 × 6 sqm. Consisting of two bedrooms, the house type 36 is a simple house that is most suitable for a newly married couple or a small family.

House Type 36 is also a choice of home type that is often chosen as the most suitable type of house for people interested in investing in the field of property. For example a minimalist house type 36. Not only because the price is not too high, but also the need for a house type 36 that is quite high so it will be easier to resell in the latter days.

House Type 45

For those of you who have a small family but want to have a little home freely, the type of house 45 can be an alternative substitute for home type 36. The choice of the 45 home type is usually the preferred middle society because it has a wider specification that is better than the 36 house type although both have 2 bedrooms.

Standing the same in the kavling with a width of 6 meters, the dimensions of the house design of type 45 usually have a size of 6 × 7.5 square meters. When viewed in terms of site area, the House Type 45 generally has a wider yard than the type of house 36. Compared to the type of house 36 that can be used as an investment option, this type of home is more suitable to be an option for residential with family.

House Type 54

The other type of house that is the choice of houses for middle to Middle society is the type of house 54. The most proportional size of this one-house type is 9 × 6 sqm and consists of 3 rooms.

The choice of this type of house is also more suitable for families who have a larger number of family members because in addition to having a larger number of rooms, this type of home also generally has a site and a wider area of space.

House Type 60

With a building area of 60 square meters, the type of house 60 including large house type that is more allocated middle to middle society. This type of house generally has 3 bedrooms, sometimes also comes with 1 extra bedroom for a household assistant. The dimensions of the house type 60 are usually 6 × 10 square meters.

For a long-sized kavling, the house type 60 can sometimes be built into a 2-story house.

House Type 70

This next type of house also has a relatively wide house type that is more suitable for middle to mid-upper families with a relatively large number of members.

The number of rooms in this type of house almost resembles the type of 60 house, but with the design and differences of needs sometimes the house type 70 is built with up to 4 bedrooms. The dimensions of this type of home are also varied ranging from 7 × 10 meters to 5 × 14 meters.

Because of its wide size, house type 70 is also usually built as a 2-story house to circumvent the vast kavling.

House Type 120

The Last House type that we will discuss is the type of house that has been entered in the classification of luxury homes. Usually reserved for upper Middle society. With a building area of up to 120 square meters, the dimension of this House type can vary from 10 × 12 meters or 8 × 15 square meters.

Generally, the house is also built more than one floor and has a number of rooms that vary depending on the needs of the homeowner. This type of spacious and large house like this also allows the owner or developer to explore the design of the house with various styles of home architecture.

Tips for choosing a Home type

In having the type of house, you need to understand again your needs to be able to choose the most appropriate type of home. One of the important things that you can consider when choosing a home type is the purpose of the home use that you buy or build.

If the goal is to buy a house just like an investment, then the type of house that is small such as house type 21, 24, and 36 is a type of house that may be more appropriate because it is easier to resell.

Whereas if the house is purchased for you to be with the family, think about developing from home. If the type of house you choose is a type of 24 or 36, make sure whether the area of kavling allows for the development of the building and also the renovation of the house, whether it adds to the area or add to the floor when your family members have increased someday.

The average house type on average only classifies the house based on the size of the building area. Don't forget other important aspects of choosing dream homes in addition to home type such as the location from home, the specifications of house building materials, to the surrounding environment of the house.

7 Most Popular Home Types In Indonesia

Many people want a small house with simple yet attractive interior design. However, many consider that small houses do not require overly extravagant interior design. The fact that the interior design is becoming popular and is a lot of hunting to beautify his house, even by issuing a cost that can not be said cheap.

Interior design is a process of space experience to find creative design solutions in creating functional spaces in an interior environment that supports the health, safety, and well-being of the occupants and improve the quality of Their Lives.

Interior design includes a variety of components such as conceptual development, sketch ideas, space planning, location review, programming, research, communication with the stakeholders of a project, construction management, and implementation of the design.

By complying with a variety of systematic and coordinated methods including research, analysis, and a wide mix of skills and technical knowledge into the creative process, inexpensive interior design can still unite these components to Clients ' needs and resources are met to create interiors that meet project objectives.

Simple Home Interior Design: Creativity & Economical
Regardless of the style, you will choose for your minimalist home interior design, this job will not be complete until you add some accents and focal points that you want to highlight. For that, you can adopt all sorts of strategies. In fact, at a minimal cost, you can still have a simple home interior design that is unique and original. Here is an inexpensive interior design creative solution for the living room and bedroom which is very easy for you to apply.

1. Color theory

The hardest decision when styling a small house interior design is the right color for space. This is one of the most inexpensive and easiest ways you can do to change the look of a room to make it look fresher and able to change the mood. In addition to providing comfort and luxury in a room, neutral color walls such as light grey, beige, beige and so on are most suitable for every season. You can combine it with any other color in the same room.

2. Dynamic nuances

It's been a normal thing to color, varying colors is a very simple way to create a popular style. So, when you want to make the atmosphere in your home and make it more dynamic and vibrant, choose a bold color. Combine with furniture colors and create new ideas. Give the mixture a different feel and use different patterns and textures to make it more prominent as in the interior design of the following living room.

3. Own creative Artwork

Another way to add some accents to a simple home interior design is to create your own creation artwork, albeit just a simple sketch. This will make the room feel more personal and intimate. You can add something that represents your personality in this room decoration, for example by pasting a home-made mosaic-pattern decoration or an Ottoman armchair from a colorful patchwork.

4. Patterned Canvas

Create a custom patterned canvas to display on the wall. You could use a template from cardboard, freehand sketch, or something a bit more artistic as in the image below. Let your art talent speak.

5. Arrange Collection

Sometimes a great way to save money is to use what you already have. So, you can arrange a simple minimalist house interior design by displaying your collectibles, which can be anything from stamp collections to ancient coins and old books. Use the console type paste shelves to display your collection.

6. Headboard Solution

Not all bedrooms have the necessary space for the headboard. In fact, if the room is quite large, the headboard can be very expensive. However, headboards not only imply comfort but also about the style and effects it creates in the room. So, you can create that effect using another method that is more efficient, for example by attaching a wall sticker or painting the headboard to your own style.

7. Framed Mirror

In addition to making the room appear airier, mirrors have many functions indoors. Mirrors are also inexpensive interior design solutions and its versatility allows mirrors to be used in almost any room. With beautiful frames, the mirror can be a beautiful artwork.

8. Blending patterns and colors

The pattern, general is how to create a focal point indoors. Patterns are usually used in accents, but can also be mixed and used widely in simple home interior design. For example, this bedroom has many patterns and colors. Although very different, this room interacts beautifully.
With the same concept of mixed patterns, you can also create a new and fresh look in your living room interior design.

9. Create a family Gallery

Another way to accentuate your personality in the interior design of a simple minimalist house is to display framed photographs. For example, you can create a custom family gallery by displaying a photo of all your family members in the living room. You can also use the same idea for another room to be more inviting and comfortable.

10. Curtain Accent

For small house interior design with a low ceiling, this window treatment can be strategically placed. Make the room appear taller by installing a ceiling-height curtain. In addition to choosing a certain color suitable for the interior design of the living room, you can also decorate the curtain by using a binder from the scarf, belt, ribbon, etc., or other homemade accessories to beautify the curtain. For beautiful, no need to be expensive, right?

Living room Interior design and simple cheap and charming bedroom home design

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